It's official!

It's official!
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Name Game

There's a point in wedding planning when you realize there's no turning back.  That's when you have a mini panic attack, and you reach for the nearest bottle of vodka and/or Xanax.

Actually, I'm doing really well, but I find it's little things that make me realize this is for real.  Take this check for was written out to Michael or Jeannie Evanchan.  Whoa!  I'm giving up my last name, people!  I guess I've known I would be doing that for quite some time, but seeing it in writing suddenly made it seem very real.

When I was back home, a married girlfriend told me there's a certain amount of sadness that goes with giving up your last name.  It's your identity.  It's who you've been for 31 years.  It's the name my Pops gave me, and his Pops gave him.  It's part of my English roots.  Plus, I've had really cool nicknames over the years.  Here are some I'll miss...
* Croftsy
* Croftsinator (You know, a spin off of Terminator.  It's probably my bulging muscles that gave me that nickname) 
* Croftstein (My Jewish friends adopted me one year for Hanukkah and the name stuck)
* Laura Croft, The Tomb Raider (I often get mistaken for Angelina Jolie.  It's a curse)

One problem with the name Crofts is that no one ever understands it over the phone.  Thank God I'm picking up Evanchan...that's much easier.


  1. Be glad you got out of Indy when you did. You've missed earth shattering dialog like a recent story about Muncie when J.D. said, "Let's go now to 24 hour news 8's Julie Patterson to get a feel for where Muncie actually is." And the new gal who conjured up the phrase,"Police have yet to determine which car, the van or the motorcycle was at fault." Brilliant! Dave in Indy

  2. When we got married Karen went from a first, middle, and last to two middles actually... just tagged the "Moon" on the end. Uses her first, original middle, and "Moon" for most cases, but legally you can have four. It makes genealogy MUCH easier. Just a suggestion.

  3. Thanks Doug! I appreciate your wedding advice. (although the making-your-own-invitation warning came about a month too late :)

    Thanks for reading Dave! Let's be honest, we all knew the station would fall apart without me :)

  4. I feel a little sad about it too Jennie. I will be taking Earl's last name, but I like my name and well damn it, it's MY NAME!!! And don't worry about your nicknames, people will still call you by them. I have a friend who has been married for 6 years and I still call her by her maiden name:)