It's official!

It's official!
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Sidewinders in the city

Have you ever seen a Sidewinder snake on the Discovery Channel? They are these creepy, slimy things that move all over the place to get to their destination. Their path is unpredcitable. Another name for Sidewinders? Chicago tourists.

The city is packed right now. There are tourists everywhere. You see them on tour busses, tour boats and walking everywhere. They don't know where they are going, and they take their sweet time getting there. This coupled with the fact that every restaurant has opened their sidewalk cafes, means there is little to no room to walk.

Enter in the Sidewinder tourists. They are people who are unaware of their surroundings and like to look at the big, shiny things nearly touching the sky, (a.k.a skyskrapers.) In their maneavering, the Sidewidners stumble all over the sidewalk like a bunch of college students after a long night at their local pub.

These tourists remind me of Sidewinders, because you get behind one and think you can easily pass on the left. As you begin to pass, they slide over to the left, blocking you and nearly stepping on your new pedi. Then you try and pass on the right, and voila! There they are again. You can almost hear a commentator with an English accent saying, "And here is Jeannie, a homosapien trying to make her way to work...when out of the blue, a Sidewinder tourist is blocking her path. The homosapien looks as if she might attack..."

I don't know what's worse: getting behind a Sidewinder with a big sunhat, map and a camera, or walking outside alone because it's 10 below zero. I'll let you know in August.

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