It's official!

It's official!
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Daryl Hall is talented

Okay, okay, I'm feeling badly after my last post regarding Daryl Hall. When I got on my blog today, I saw advertisements for his show, "Live from Daryl's House," where he invites different artists to his home to perform with him. Right now, I'm watching the episode where he and Smokey Robinson are singing, "Baby, baby" and "Sara Smile" and it's really good. He truly is a talented artist.

In regards to the Hall & Oates concert we saw on Friday, I'm just going to think that perhaps he was having a bad night, and he's not as "diva-ish" as he seems.

If you need a good laugh, watch this YouTube video of Hall and Oates. I'm pretty sure it's their first song, and the video is hilarious. They couldn't have spent more than $100 on production. Wow, how far we've come in TV.

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