It's official!

It's official!
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Where do I begin??

Okay, if someone told me how crazy fun my wedding would be, I would have done this years ago!! Are you kidding me with the coolness of it all? You get to a) wear a gorgeous princess gown, b) have people make and serve you dinner, c) never pay for a drink and c) have people tell you all night how pretty you are. (Oh ya, and marrying Mike was pretty darn cool too.)

Plus, here's the wouldn't have mattered if I had a big zit, kept my unibrow, and opted for a Mohawk-- because people would still have told me I looked good. It's like newborn babies...they usually look wild-eyed and gooey with their huge heads, but people squeal at their cuteness.

For those of you who just started following the blog, (like Mama Louise, Jim and Leslie, holla!) I've been engaged to my now husband, Mike for two wonderful years. (I can now say husband, holla!)

We met 6 1/2 years ago while working at WINK-TV in Fort Myers, Florida. Who knew all I'd have to do to find my husband is move to a state during the worst hurricane season on record, while dodging debris and cheating death during 4 major hurricanes. I say it was worth it!

We chose Jackson, Wyoming as our destination because I was born and raised in Wyoming, and I wanted to show Mike's Ohio family the most magnificent place on earth. If you've never been to the Grand Tetons, put it on your Bucket list, because it's incredible. As we wrapped up the ceremony, as if on cue, 2 beautiful bald eagles flew right above us. I loved the symbolism of the eagles flying together. (I was also glad we opted not to have our Chihuahua's in the wedding, because having my babies picked up and carried away by eagles would surely have ruined my night.)

There is so much to blog about, and I can't wait to share all my experiences with you. Weddings are incredibly wonderful and yet wacky wild at the same time. I made some great observations about life and family. Please stay tuned...I think you'll enjoy.

Now, I've got to go catch up on 2 weeks worth of lost sleep.



  1. OMG. What a fabulous blog with wonderful pics of the newly married couple, plus Jeannie and her Matron of Honor, her mom, Barbara, who I proudly claim as my sister. Will anxiously await the next update. Many thanks, Aunt Carol


  3. Holla back at ya girl! :) Thanks for the shout out! You are beautiful and were such a beautiful bride! I love that you hearted your big day and all its glory! Congratulations on being a Mrs!!