It's official!

It's official!
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Flying vs. driving=which is better?

Good afternoon from Jackson, Tennessee! Mike and I decided on a laid-back honeymoon at my parent’s summer home which is in the middle of nowhere. It’s great--there are no telephones, cell service, TV’s, or neighbors. To publish this blog, we have to drive into town and find WI-FI service (and I will have to charge you $9.95 for that effort.)

We drove down last night, which took about 7 hours from Chicago. Considering we’ve taken trips both driving and flying this week, I’ve decided driving is way better. Here are some thoughts about flying I jotted down in Jackson, Wyoming while sitting in the very crowded airport.....

What is it about flying that’s so terrible? Really, it shouldn't’t be that bad considering you’re super excited to go on a family vacation or a wedding, and when it’s over you’re usually super excited about going home and finally using your own bathroom.

Waiting in the security line is just brutal. Why are people so stinkin’ slow? I get that we now have to take off our shoes and belts and just about everything else. Here’s my solution: wear flip flops, no jewelry and go sans belt. I say we should all become accepting of showing some butt crack if it means getting through security faster.

Also, why do people have so many damn bags? Yes, I have 3 bags today, but Mike has 1, so it evens out. But I just got married people, so that excuses my 12 pairs of shoes! What’s your excuse? What the airlines are making in charging people for shipping bags, they have to be losing in delays because everyone now carries on bags the size of The Biggest Loser's sweatpants. To add to the fun, carry-ons are so stuffed and heavy, passengers can’t lift them up into the overhead bin, so we wait twice as long to board.

Seriously parents, do you need to pack so much stuff? I can appreciate that little Johnny loves Toy Story 3 and wants every toy from the movie with him. I can also appreciate that you want him to have his playpen and crib and special travel seat. But does he need it? My mom jokingly tells me my bed when we traveled was a dresser drawer filled with blankets, and I don’t seem too emotionally damaged.

And as I’ve said before, there’s something rank about airport bathrooms. Have you ever noticed they always smell like poo? What is with that?? Have we ever heard of courtesy flushes, people?? Or going before you head to the airport??

P.S. I know this picture posted has nothing to do with this post, but I just love our wedding pics, so get ready to see more!!

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