It's official!

It's official!
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

To Change or Not to Change-That is the Question

I always thought women who didn't change their names after getting married were probably hippies at heart who didn't want to give up their identities. Sometimes I even thought they were just taking the easy route, and didn't want to go to the trouble. Or they didn't want to give up a common name like "Smith" for something crazy like "Bushwacker."

Now I know they are just being smart!

I think a man giving you his last name is the greatest gift he can give--if only the government made it easier. I started researching how to change my name yesterday, and I'm totally confused. Some websites said I could do it on-line, others said I couldn't. Some made it seem like I needed to change my social security card first, others say my driver's license.

I'm so confused!

Here's what's really putting a hitch in my get-a-long--I'm flying to Atlanta in October to be in my good friend, Melissa's wedding. I booked the flight under "Jeannie Crofts," so I'm guessing I shouldn't change my name until after that, because I'm sure the TSA won't be amused by my marriage/changing name story.

By the way--have you ever thought about how many things have your name on it? 32 years worth of documents saying Crofts is not going to be easy to change.

Any suggestions married ladies?


  1. OMG I felt the same way! You CAN change your name prior to the Atlanta flight but you will have to travel with your notarized, raised seal marriage license in order to show them that you did at one time have the former last name. I had to do this for a while as I ran into the same problem with a work flight. I do think you can change your license whenever unless Illinois has your social security card as a required form of ID when getting a new license. Each state is different...
    In the end I am still glad I changed my last name...even though my old last name rocked out! :)

  2. mamalouise is correct about the notarized raised seal marriage license madness....she's right, each state is different. i just had to go to the social security administration with my marriage license and possibly some money. it's the government, they're always shaking ya down :)

  3. I'm pretty sure I've already told you that I thought Mike's last name is beautiful. I'm sitting here saying it out loud and it almost sounds like "mansion" with a sudden twist. Even though a last name is something sentimental, I can't wait till mine is changed. I won't have to hear (pardon my french) "Shit Pot" or "Smokes Pot." I'm just praying his last name won't be another gem or the word "gates." Pearl Topaz. Pearly Gates. Nope, not cuttin' it for me.