It's official!

It's official!
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What makes the Magnificent Mile magnificent

I've had more than one tourist ask me what the "Magnificent Mile" is, and I wanted to reply, "Well, it's only magnificent in February when all the tourists like you aren't in town."

Inner monologue aside, the Magnificent Mile is a shopper's dream. Along Michigan Avenue you'll find stores I've always been too intimidated to go into, like Ferragamo, stores I'm still a little intimidated to go into like Coach, and stores I feel right at home at, like H&M. (By the way--they sell $10 clothes. Can you believe it??)

I did a little research, and found out the Mag Mile has its own website. It boasts that North Michigan Avenue is 8 blocks of 460 stores (Wowsers!) and 200 restaurants (Yum!). With that kind of temptation, no wonder everyone always feels poor in this city.

Here's the thing--the Mag Mile is kind of a hot mess right now. Every small town family with strollers a plenty are here. Every European and Japanese resident is here. Every person trying to shine your shoes, get your money, or sign you up to save the world is here. It's a HOT MESS.

But I've totally uncovered a little secret. If you go to Michigan Avenue, go at 9:30 a.m. when the stores are just opening. I had a doc's appt. this morning, and I decided to pop into Victoria's Secret to return a shirt....and there was no one there. I then went to H&M, and was able to try stuff on immediately, in fact, I was the only one in the dressing room. That never happens! Typically, the dressing room line is so long, people just start ripping off their clothes and changing in the middle of the store. I'm pretty sure the middle-aged lady who took off her skirt to try on another burned my eyeballs permanently.

Please don't share my secret with any tourists. Thank you.

(P.S. I have to credit for this cool pic. Now that people are actually reading this blog, I guess I need to credit my sources :)

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