It's official!

It's official!
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Resume girl

Do you ever encounter people who just have to outdo you? For example, if you say your child walked at one year old, they tell you theirs walked at 6 months. If you say you got a raise at work, they've gotten 2. Annoying, right?

Today I was talking to a girl who lives in my 'hood, who always seems to outdo me. I told her that when I went to look at the Transformers 3 movie set on Wacker and Michigan, a rent-a-cop told me to "move along." I wasn't trying to pass through the barricades or anything, I guess I just look like a Josh Duhamel stalker, and he was worried about me running in yelling, "Josh, I love you!" Well, the girl in my 'hood, who I'll refer to as "Jill", said when she walked by the set with her dog, not only did they let her
go past the barricades, but they allowed her to sit inside some of the military tankers. Oh yeah, and they let her dog go inside too.


When I told "Jill" a few months ago I was shocked by how high our parking fee is here, (about $200 a month to park in the garage), she informed with a smile that she gets her parking for free. Apparently she befriended our maintenance crew.

Here are some other outdo's:
If my friends park nearby, they pay $10 an hour. "Jill's" friends pay $2.

When I told her I was excited about getting into our pool Memorial Day weekend, apparently "Jill" got in in April.

I was telling Mike this today at lunch, and he said, "Oh yeah, that's a resume girl."

"What?" I asked.

"Yep, there are girls who spout off their resumes as soon as you meet them. It's to impress people."

We went on to discuss how many men do the same thing, and how we're guessing the info is usually not true. I also found out that (thankfully!) Mike said I wasn't a "resume girl" when I met him. Phew!

I bet you're smiling right now, thinking of a "resume girl or guy" in your life. They're annoying, aren't they?

(By the way-I have to give credit to my friend Diana O. who captured this awesome pic of actor Josh Duhamel. He greeted fans a few days ago. I totally wanted to take credit for it, but then, well, I'd be exactly what I'm blogging about.)

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  1. I think they call people like 'Jill' one uppers! She definitely fits the profile.