It's official!

It's official!
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The wedding that never was...

How fun is it that when we were leaving for the wedding and got to O'Hare, we discovered that Mike's cousins Jess and Mandy, and Mandy's boyfriend, Jim, were on the same flight! That's how we captured this moment of no turning back. You'd think that if either Mike or I were having second thoughts about getting married, we'd speak up then.

Some people really do wait until the last moment though. Come to find out, there was another wedding scheduled for July 3rd in Jackson, WY, at the same hotel we were staying in and had our rehearsal dinner. Apparently the night before, the bride called the whole thing off after finding out the groom had a stripper at his Bachelor Party. Just like that, and she was done! Like, "Sorry to everyone who just spent hundreds or thousands of dollars to get here, but a stripper at my fiance's Bachelor Party is an unforgivable sin!" Funny, I encouraged Mike to get one at his. He didn't seem too interested, probably because I brought it up.

My opinion: the stripper is just a really lame excuse for a deeper issue. The bride was probably having doubts before.
However, I feel there could be circumstances for calling off the wedding a day or two before, like these....

* Your groom tells you he's been thinking a lot about his groomsman Tom, and would like to "explore those feelings"

* Your groom tells you he indeed had a stripper at his Bachelor Party, and he recognized her as his First Wife. Oh yeah, and he found out they have a child together too.

* Your groom tells you he can't get the stripper that danced at his Bachelor Party out of his mind, and he thinks he and "Cookie," may be soul mates

* Your groom constantly talks about Twilight, and says he just can't decide between "Team Edward!" or "Team Jacob!"

Other than that, it looks like you'll need to suck it up, or in my case, suck it in, and put on your pretty dress!


  1. You are too funny and so right. That girl was looking for a way out for sure! I don't get girls and the stripper/porn problem (lets be honest, to some, this goes hand in hand). Strippers are gross and if he sleeps with one you have a problem, but if he goes to an overpriced strip club with his buddies, lets be real they will probably just stand in a corner and giggle ss they stare at all the boobies. HA!

  2. sheesh, and I think I have problems.