It's official!

It's official!
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brides taking this too far?

I recently hired a wedding coordinator which I always thought was a silly expense, but when you're planning a wedding a 1,000 miles away, it helps a lot.  She sent me a ton of information from past weddings to help me in my planning.  When I was going through one particular wedding, I had to giggle reading what the bride requested of her bridesmaids.  It said...
* Please wear open toed off-white shoes with your dress
* Please have your fingernails painted in a French manicure
* Please have your toenails painted in a red/berry
* Please wear your hair in an up 'do.  If you aren't able to, please explain why

Are you kidding?  Please explain why your hair isn't in an up 'do?
Bridesmaid: "I'm so sorry Jeannie, but my hair isn't long enough." 
Me: "I don't care!  Get extensions then!"

And you thought Bridezillas didn't exist...

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