It's official!

It's official!
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Going Down?

The elevators in our building are very fast, which is great when you live 31 floors up.  But there is one thing that slows it down nearly everyday....lazy people.

Today I was cruising up when my elevator stopped on the 12th floor.  A guy wearing workout clothes and an IPod got on, and it was clear he was going to the workout facility on the 16th floor.  Really?  You can't walk down 4 flights of stairs to then run 2 miles?

The other day I was almost all the way down when we stopped on the 3rd floor.  Again, really?  No one in our building appears to be over 35 years old, so we all should certainly be able to walk a few flights of stairs.

But my favorite so far?  A woman who got on at the 17th floor and off at the 16th.  No one children in this country are obese.  It seems we're teaching them to use elevators, escalators and ride in cars before they learn how to walk.

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