It's official!

It's official!
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sing it: "I'm going to the Chapel, and I'm going to sleep on 600 thread count sheets...."

What do you think is the best part of getting married....the shiny diamond?  No.  The tall, dark and handsome future husband?  Nope.  Joining in holy matrimony?  Nope again.  It's the wedding registry!

I went to Chicago's very large, and oh-so-wonderful Macy's on State Street today.  There are 8 floors of fun that took nearly 3 hours of my time.  We are now officially signed up for everything we've always wanted but couldn't afford like a 65-piece flatware set with caddy--check!  A cuisinart round waffle maker--check!  600-thread count sheets to lay my head on--check again!

Mike decided to opt of out the registry, which I can understand, and since my mother and mother-in-law are in Wyoming and Ohio, I am all by myself to pick out what we just can't live without.  As the Macy's sales clerk said, "How nice is it that you don't have your mother, mother-in-law and maid of honor bugging you." 

It's really cool because you sign up and get a cool little scanner to pick out your items.  The only downfall?  People think you work there, so you'll get asked where the sale sheets are.  I pointed one man in the wrong direction just for fun.

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