It's official!

It's official!
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Do men really change their last names when they get married?

Good morning everybody.  I'm sure you probably noticed I changed the look of the blog today.  This is the layout I have for our wedding blog, and I think it's easier to read and navigate.  I know people hate change though, as evidenced on Facebook this week.  They changed the layout, and everyone is posting, "What the heck, Facebook?" Or "Change it back Facebook!"  Hopefully I don't receive any hate mail for this.  I know how you relatives can be!

So in planning for the wedding, I have a lot of books I look through to get ideas.  A girlfriend of mine also gave me these cute little cards (almost like playing cards), and I'm supposed to read one a day for wedding help.  Today's card is ideas for changing your name.  I haven't really thought much about it.  I knew if I were still working in TV, I wouldn't change it professionally, partly for security reasons.  But the recession solved that problem!

So their first recommendation is 1) Using my last name as my new middle name.  Hmmm, does Jeannie Crofts Evanchan have a ring to it?  I don't think that will fit when I'm filling out forms.

Their second recommendation is 2) Blending the two names in an innovative way.  Michael and Jeannie Crovanchan anyone?

Their third 3) Have Mike take my last name.  Michael CroftsI suppose this would be an option if it was 1977 and I didn't shave my 'pits.

Finally, 4) Create a new name!  This is a fun game!  I always liked the last name Carmichael.  Or we could really throw people off, we'll be Michael and Jeannie Sanchez or Michael and Jeannie Chan


  1. Wait, would that make your Official Celebrity Couple Name: Meannie?