It's official!

It's official!
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Tiger's been a bad kitty

I pledge allegiance, to the flag...oh wait, what is Tiger doing?
I know, I know, this is like WAY old news in our constantly changing society, but I was sick, remember?
Did you watch Tiger's apology? If so, did you feel just as awkward as I did?
That day, TV stations around the country scrambled to have the best analysis of the press conference. I was watching Access Hollywood, and I heard them tease, "Coming up, we'll have our body-language expert weigh in on what Tiger's mom was thinking." What?? They are going so far as to guess what's going through his mom's mind during his confession? Who cares? She's probably wondering if she breast-fed him too much/not enough when he was a baby.

It's weird to me how far this story has gone. He plays golf, people. Perhaps one of the most boring sports ever. I mean it's fun to play, but to watch? Nah.

Why is he making headlines? Sure it's strange that he cheated on his super hot wife, but is anyone really surprised when an athlete making millions thinks he can do anything he wants?

If I ever hear another story about Tiger Woods, or his mom's reaction, it will be too soon.

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