It's official!

It's official!
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why does my______?

A couple of days ago, Buckeye developed a red bump on his leg that seems to be bothering him, and probably means I have a $200 vet bill in my future.

Today I decided to google his symptoms to try and figure out what the problem is.  I am getting such a kick out of google searches these days!  Today when I started typing, "Why does my..." here were the top 5 choices.

*  Why does my eye twitch?  (Super annoying, I agree!)
* Why does my belly button smell? (Gross, and how do you know it smells?  I can't even touch my toes, so I'm thinking smelling my belly button is out of the question)
*  Why does my poop float?  (I'll leave that one alone)
*  Why does Kim Zolciak wear a wig? (Who?  I had to google her too, and apparently she's on the reality show "Real Housewives of Atlanta."  It's a show about caddy women who have a lot of plastic surgery.  Don't waste your time.)
* Why does my cat lick me? (Because what feels better than having a creature with a sand paper tongue licking your face?)

By the way, don't you love the picture?  That's why having a creative, internet-savvy fiance is awesome!


  1. I love the pic of Buckeye, I laughed outloud. Did you find out what's up with Buckey's red bump?

  2. Wow, is Minneapolis's favorite reporter reading MY blog? Yeah!
    We still don't know...I'm hoping it goes away on its own.