It's official!

It's official!
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Post Office Experiences: Part Two

If you read this blog a couple of days ago, you read about my encounter with a post office worker who may have help defined "Going Postal."  Yesterday, I had the sinking realization that I had to go back.  I decided I better have the wedding invitations weighed so I have the right postage before sending out 150 of them.

When I got there, I realized Ms. Unhappy was working again, sitting at the same desk with the same sour look on her face.  Great.  I got in line and she called,  "Next!"  I told the woman behind me to go ahead, because I wasn't quite ready.  Not quite ready to get yelled at again!
The woman who calls me up is much nicer, but we still had somewhat of an encounter.  Imagine this...

She totals up my purchase, and the amount pops on the credit card machine, so I swipe my card.
She says, "Now, did I tell you to swipe yet??!!"
Me: "Um, no, I guess not."
Her: "Well then you need to just hang on!"

So I guess we have some improvement.  Now instead of being treated like a total idiot, I'm treated like a child.  I say that's success!

I'd better's the day Chicago celebrates St. Patty's Day, perhaps the biggest holiday in the city.  It's time for green beer, a green river, drunken debauchery and making total idiots of ourselves.

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