It's official!

It's official!
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Selfish People= Unhappy Jeannie

Has this ever been you?  You decide late on a Wednesday night to pack the whole family in the minivan and go to DQ Grill & Chill.  Everyone is super hungry, so you decide the drive-thru is the best option.  You realize you're even hungrier than you thought, so you order nearly $100 worth of food, more on the grill side versus chill side, so it takes longer to make.  Then as you see the line of cars behind you getting longer and longer, you decide to add a few more burgers to your order, and then refuse to move up in line.

If you've ever done this, please kindly stop reading my blog, because I don't like you.

To the white minivan that did this to me tonight, shame on you.  All I wanted was an Oreo Cookie Blizzard, that's it.  I don't ask for much in life.

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