It's official!

It's official!
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The story of some really cool wives

We're exactly 4 months away from the wedding.  Can you believe it?  (You're like, yes I believe it, because you keep telling me!)
I just talked to Casey, one of Mike's groomsmen and also a really good friend of mine.  He said he just booked his room for Jackson.  Then he told me he'll likely be rooming with 3 other groomsmen, Chris, Taylor and Mike (remember, our wedding party is 18 people--that's what happens when you wait 'til your 30's to get married).
I said, "Oh, Taylor and Mike's wives aren't coming?"
Casey: "Oh yeah, they're coming."
Me: "Where are they staying?"
Casey: "In a different room."
Me: "A different room???"
Casey: "It looks like it.  They know how we are. (Meaning they party.  A lot.)

So apparently the wives with their small babies are staying in another room so their husbands can have a great time.  Isn't that funny?  I think those are the best wives around!  (It's also looking like our bar bill is going to be huge.  And to my Mike: Don't get any ideas.  When we have kids, you'll be staying with me and the crying baby.  And you'd better learn how to breast feed, fast. )

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