It's official!

It's official!
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Didn't expect that!

Usually I think commercials are like an annoying relative...meaning you have to deal with them but they still irritate you. However, there have been some very clever marketing campaigns lately, and there are even some commercials I look forward to seeing. Weird.

I saw this commercial for the online dating site Zoosk for the first time last night. I literally laughed out loud and spit a little food! Take a look. Apparently this has been banned in first and then we'll discuss...

Isn't that ridiculously funny?  Love it. But seriously Europe? Banning this? Yep, I think that's a good idea. Don't want people picking up ideas on how to kill each other with darts.

This next commercial is just great. Whenever it comes on, I literally stop what I'm doing just to watch it.  It's nice to see such a popular actor, Kevin Bacon, being able to have fun and joke about himself.

"My favorite Kevin Bacon movie? It's a tie between all of them.." Great line.

You can always count on GEICO for having clever commercials. I've always loved this one..."Does a former drill sergeant make a terrible therapist?" Funny enough, the actor is actually a former drill sergeant who made his debut in the movie "Full Metal Jacket." The line from the patient, "I think that's why yellow makes me sad" is maybe the funniest thing I've ever heard.

Kudos to all the clever marketing folks behind these. Looking forward to see what the Super Bowl brings!

Happy Sunday everyone.

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  1. Have you seen the one about the guy ordering a beer and he's wearing "skinny jeans"? The tag line is "Man Up" I love it!