It's official!

It's official!
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

People are dumb

This may be one of the funniest videos I've ever seen. A Pennsylvania woman is texting while walking in the mall and not paying attention. Then, well...check it out.

Isn't this a riot? Also it's a little scary knowing people are so distracted by their cell phones. I wonder how many people walk into traffic because they are texting.

What makes the video even funnier is a) she gets right up and acts like nothing happened and b) no one even notices.

I first saw this video yesterday, then today I was watching ABC's 11 a.m. news when they teased that this women is now contemplating a lawsuit. What? During the commercial break I racked my brain, trying to decide what she could possibly be suing for. Perhaps suing cell phone companies for offering text messaging options which are distracting? Suing the mall for having a water fountain? Suing her parents for raising such an oblivious person?

When the story came on, a teary-eyed woman named Cathy Cruz Morrero sobbed, "No one helped me!"  Um, one saw you! Even on the alternate view, you see a janitor taking care of garbage nearby, and he didn't even sit it. Cathy is thinking about suing since no one came to her aid in the 2.2 seconds she was in the water.

Cathy--let's call this what it is. You did a dumb move, and now you're embarrassed that so many people have seen it. Yes, more than a million of us have watched it on YouTube, and laughed at you. But that doesn't justify a lawsuit. The idea of that is just making us laugh at you even more.

Happy texting!

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