It's official!

It's official!
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pasty White Skin

Do you ever have a hard time getting motivated to go out? You know it's the weekend, and you should, but the thought of staying in and watching a movie sounds much more appealing than getting dolled up and going to a crowded bar.

In cold parts of the country, it's even harder to find that motivation, especially when it's -15 degrees. (That was Chicago's wind chill temperature yesterday. Right now it's a much balmier 5 degrees.)

Me last night.  Sexy? No
Who wants to go out in that? As I was getting dressed last night, I had to laugh as I was putting on my long-johns and wool socks. I thought, "There are women in Miami and L.A. who are putting on cute stiletto's and little skirts tonight, and then look at me." Along with my warm undergarments, I then had to bundle up in my huge North Face coat, gloves and a hat that gives my hair a nice line around my head.

So essentially it's impossible to feel sexy this time of year in the Mid-West. Most of us have pasty-white skin, dry lips and static-y hair. Plus, wearing long-johns doesn't exactly scream chic style.

To Florida:  I must come visit you and know what it feels like to be a woman again.

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