It's official!

It's official!
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I found out last night my 5-pound dog, Bailey, crawled underneath our balcony and went over to our neighbor's balcony.  Oh yeah, and did I mention we live 31 floors up?  If I don't blog for a few days, know that I'm probably in jail for child endangerment.

This picture shows what 31 floors up really looks like.

 My neighbor jokingly said she thought she saw a rat on her porch, but then realized it was Bailey.  She said Bailey just crawled over, peeked inside the glass door at her and her dog, and then came back.  Not only is Bailey apparently not afraid of heights, she also has no regard for the fact our neighbor has a dog 3 times bigger than her.

The other picture shows how, as a mother, I tried my best to block the dogs from crawling under with that little white candle and open glass table.  Hmm, I wonder why it didn't work?

Let's just say I won't be leaving our patio door open now unless I pass out on the couch after drinking a 5th of Vodka.  When that happens, my kids know they are on their own.

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  1. I could NOT live that high off the ground...not me, no way....