It's official!

It's official!
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Twilight success is well deserved

Okay, there's no more fighting it, I'm now a Twilight fan, and there's a good chance you are too.  Have you seen how crazy people get over Robert Pattinson or Taylor Launtner?  Housewives all over this country are holding Twilight parties and joining either "Team Robert" or "Team Taylor," depending on if they're more attracted to the quiet, sexy type or the outgoing, athletic type.  I say yes please to both!

Pattinson, Launtner, and Kristen Stewart all appeared on Oprah today, and I have to say they are downright charming.  Kristen is incredibly shy and almost insecure.  She says she knows people have extremely high expectations of her, so that's why she's careful about what she says.  Considering we all have moments of feeling like a shy, insecure hot mess, women can totally relate to her!  Robert is extremely funny, and likes to joke and make fun of himself.  And Taylor seems like a great young man who says he's never taken a drink or smoked.

It is so refreshing to see these three actors being truly sweet and not full of themselves.  I congratulate them on their success, because people like that deserve it.

Plus, what women doesn't want to fantasize about being caught in a love triangle with two hotties and never aging.  I say yes please to both!

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  1. OMG -- I was out of town and recorded this Oprah because of your blog -- and I 100% agree with your blog!!! I'm tempted, dare I say it, to READ THE BOOKS!! EEK!! I've been so adamantly against it ... can I really get over myself and read them??? HAHA