It's official!

It's official!
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Leaving a voicemail? Pay attention to what you're saying!

Do you ever leave a voicemail, but wish more than anything, you could take it back or start over?  Some answering machines have that ability, but unfortunately most of them just leave you with the sound of silence and that little voice in your head saying, "Quit screwing up!"  Or have you ever had someone leave you a rambling message that gets cut off it's so long?  Worse yet, they call back and pick up right where they left off.  It's like their mind is telling them to quit blabbering, but their mouths won't let them. 

I left a terrible message this week for one of Mike's good friends and groomsmen, Casey, who through the years has become one of my closest friends too. (I'm including a picture of him, far left, to add a visual effect, and I picked one with WISH TV's Dave Barras to increase the stock value on this blog and my coolness.)

Casey had called me several days before, so I was returning the call.  Here's how the pathetic voicemail went down...

"Hey Case, it's Jeannie.  How are you?" (I often ask how a person is doing which I know is silly, because they can't respond and they're probably annoyed that I'm eating up their cell phone minutes.

"Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, it's just been nuts.....But a good nuts..." (Then I start nervously laughing, knowing that saying "good nuts" probably sounds dirty if you have the mind of a 4th grader like I do.)

Instead of letting it go, I continue with, "You know, deez nuts are good nuts, ha, ha!"  (Okay, now I've just made a 4th grader's joke talking about "deez nuts."  This has gone downhill quickly.)

"Well, I digress. (Finally!) Call me when you get a chance.  Love you!" (Oops, did I just tell him I loved him??  I'm in such a habit of saying I love you at the end of calls with Mike or my Mom, that I just said it again.  Now Casey surely thinks I'm a total idiot or he thinks the wedding will be awkward when I choose him over Mike.)

So, the moral of this attention when you're leaving a message, because trying to multi-task by walking your dogs, cleaning up poo, and leaving a message clearly Does. Not. Work.


  1. Having a pic with Dave in it really does add to the coolness of anything.


  2. I thought so Dave Barras.