It's official!

It's official!
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Jen Lancaster is? The best!

What are you willing to wait 2.5 hours for?  A blessing from Pope Benedict?  Bon Jovi tickets?  A port-a-potty when you really have to pee pee at the Bon Jovi concert?

For me, it's the opportunity to meet and get this awesome pic with my favorite author, Jen Lancaster.  She has been such an inspiration to me!  It's unfortunate that when it was finally my turn to meet her, I got really nervous like she was a Beatle, and couldn't get two words out.  I'm pretty sure when she complimented my business card I gave her, I said, "It's the official business card for the unemployed."  She chuckled.

I've been writing this blog pretty faithfully for about 9 months, and I'm writing a book about the ups and downs of broadcasting.  (Actually more downs than ups, which is why I needed Xanax for a time.)  I credit my writing to 3 things:  1) Mike who inspired me to write a daily blog, 2) crazy TV bosses who you'll soon read about.  Karma?  It's a bitch. And 3) Jen Lancaster, who taught me hitting bumps in the road can lead to happiness you didn't know existed.

To Jen: For signing every book for every fan, for taking pics, and listening to every terrible story (including the mother in front of me talking about her son in jail), I say thank you.  You make me laugh out loud by saying what I wish I had the courage to.

To everyone else: check out her books "My Fair Lazy," "Bitter is the New Black," and "Bright Lights, Big Ass." (Hmm, do you see my inspiration?)  Just be careful not to eat cereal when reading them, because have you ever spit out chewed Raisin Bran?  It's not pretty.


  1. Crazy TV bosses?!? I hope you throw me under the bus! It seems that everybody else is!!! ;)

  2. Lucky for you Rink, you were not a douche bag to me (like so many others), so you are in the free and clear. Congrats to you!