It's official!

It's official!
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I love you mom!

My mom flew in last Wednesday from Wyoming, so she could go with me to Ohio for my bachelorette party and shower.  After sleeping on our couch every night in our tiny apartment, I'm pretty sure she's taken to drinking at 10 a.m.

In honor of Mother's Day (yes, I'm a few days late, but remember I was hungover on Sunday?), I'd like to share why my mom rocks.

* She's willing to sleep on a cramped couch with one to two Chihuahua's every night.
* When I'm at work, she cleans the house and organizes my shower gifts
* She never lets me pay for anything
* She's taking me to the grocery store today "to stock up on food" so Mike and I don't have to shop for awhile.  I thought this would end at 31, but thankfully, it hasn't
* She's willing to go out to a very loud club and watch her daughter do shots at her bachelorette party.  I'm sure she was proud.
* She's able to make us a filet mignon/mashed potatoes/strawberry shortcake dinner with only the ketchup and soy sauce in our fridge.  Mothers=amazing at being resourceful!

I love you mom!  Happy Mother's Day (a little late)


  1. Well, I have to agree. She never lets me pay for anything either, she's (almost) always willing to drop everything and pick up my kids, and she started cleaning my house once a week. I love you too Mom!!

  2. Wow! Loving all this, that's for sure!!!!