It's official!

It's official!
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Mac computers=awesomeness

Holy Sh'moles, I didn't realize how cool Apple computers are.  Mike and I bought a MacBook Pro yesterday with the intention of me creating our wedding video, and I'd also like to start doing video blogs.  Just think!  Instead of me telling you about my dog pooping on the rug, I can show you.  Fun!

This computer is seriously the best.  In about 20 minutes I learned how to edit on it, so I've got about 1:30 of our wedding video done.  It's about 90 percent me, 10 percent Mike, and I say that's perfect!  I'm also trying to decide if our guests will be okay with a 20 minute video.  There's just so much to time as a square dancer, the awkward braces/glasses time...then I can instantly fast forward to pageant pics.  Pre-teen girls everywhere will suddenly have new hope!

With these computers, you just download your pics, and you can do all sorts of cool effects with them including the Ken Burns zoom. (I think he works/worked for PBS and invented that zoom.  I'm not sure because I watch more MTV than PBS).  This effect helps make your still pics look a little more like video.  You can also make fun video scrapbooks, and even learn how to play the guitar with this computer.  It's the Coolest. Thing. Ever.

So get ready blog readers, I have so much to show you in the city like my awesome new guitar skills and "Jeannie, The Awkward Stage" --circa 1988!


  1. When good ol' WISH was upgrading to HD, I tried to clue them in on the Mac goodness. The engineering staff obviously get great joy from watching the news staff pound their heads on their computers.

  2. The Mac goodness is right! As you know, TV stations don't like to make life easy for their employees.