It's official!

It's official!
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Getting married to someone with the same last name? Weird

I was looking through Mike's hometown newspaper in Canton, Ohio, trying to figure out how I'll put together our wedding announcement.  I was reading through other wedding announcements, and here is was struck me. 

* One person in the relationship is always better looking than their partner.  Ouch, I know, but so true.  There are some couples you look at and wonder how they landed their spouse, knowing they clearly married "up."  People often wonder how Mike landed me.  I tell them it was the offer of living in a 660-square foot apartment.  Drink!  (Confused?  Please see earlier blog posts.)
* A lot of times, the women in the relationship are amazing, like doctors or lawyers, and the groom is listed as a professional underwater water hockey player or a freelance Drama teacher.  You might as well say, "John is making a career out of spending his wife's money."  Or the reverse is true, and under education it should say, "Shawna went to college to get a B.A. , but all she really wanted was a M.R.S.

Here is what struck me as really odd couple had the same last name before they were married.  I'm not talking about a common name like Smith or Jones, it's Rossi.  So they were listed as the Rossi-Rossi wedding.  And they both grew up in Ohio.  And they lived one town away growing up... 
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  They're totally related and just don't know it!  I can tell you one thing--if Mike's last name was Crofts, we would not be walking down the aisle in 37 days.  Sure, if we were related our wedding list would be much smaller, and taking family pictures would be easier, but still, that's just gross.

Rossi-Rossi wedding  


  1. ok.. u have made my belly hurt on this one!!! only in Ohio,,,,

  2. My wife have a Horvath/Horvath in her family tree ... from Pennsylvania though.

    Got to love a family tree that becomes a wreath.