It's official!

It's official!
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wedding gifts are? The Best!

Getting gifts is so much gosh darn fun.  Sure, giving is great too (blah, blah, blah), but getting is really the best!

I'm heading to Canton/Vienna/Cleveland Ohio this weekend for round one of bridal showers and bachelorette parties.  Mike's family wanted to throw me some shindigs in their neck of the woods.

For the wedding, he and I are registered at Crate & Barrel, Target and Macy's, and when I looked online today to check on them, so much has been filled!  All but 3 items at Crate & Barrel have been purchased, and we're still 2 months away from the wedding!

Here's why getting married is so cool--you get a bunch of stuff you don't really need, but you realize now you can't live without.  I've gone 31 years peeling an apple with a dangerous knife.  Now, I'll have my own Good Grips Apple Slicer!  I've gone 31 years with pouring wine out of a bottle.  Boring!  Now I'll have a beautiful 37oz Vino Carafe to wow my guests.  And no more getting water from the plain ol' water faucet.  We are the proud owners of a very cool 46oz Crate and Barrel Ona Glass Water Pitcher!

I should have thought of this marriage thing years ago!

So if I'm not able to blog for a few days, it's because I'm too busy rubbing our 600 thread count sheets on my face.  Score!

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