It's official!

It's official!
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sunshine Finally!

What do you think when you see these pictures?  "Oh, those are cute dogs!"  Or, "I would never tell Jeannie this, but her Chihuahua's kind of look like rats."  (Ha, ha, I caught you!)
What I see is.....sunshine!!  Yeah!  After about two weeks of the Midwest doom and gloom, I woke up to see the sun shining today.  It's actually so hot in the apartment, I have to open the windows.

What people from the West (i.e. Wyoming, Colorado) don't realize, is that the sun doesn't shine all year long in most parts of the country.  Living in the Midwest has certainly been an adjustment for me, in fact, for the first 3 years, I battled serious seasonal depression.

Now, I'm used to it, and I completely appreciate the sun when it's out.  So if it's sunny in your neck of the woods today too, make sure to enjoy it, and know that spring is right around the corner.  (Of course we have to get through that awful time known as February first.  What helps?  Vodka).

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