It's official!

It's official!
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

There's always one....

We live in a dog community, on a dog floor, with dogs everywhere you turn.  Everyone on our floor has at least one dog.  There are so many dogs, there are actually several dog floors in this building.  When you get on an elevator, there's almost always a dog.

So you get my point?  The people around here love their canine companions.

Tonight Mike and I came home from watching Avatar (which is totally amazing by the way!), to find this typed note in our door....

"If possible, can you please move your dog(s) away from the door to prevent them from barking at every person that goes in and out of the elevators.

It would be greatly appreciated by I assume most on this floor.  The next step is to bring management's attention to the barking."


I'll be the first to admit my dogs aren't angels.  But considering I've been unemployed and at home everyday since we moved in 3 months ago, I know how they act, and this is completely insane!  They seldom bark at anything because they're too busy sleeping.

There is a huge gap of space between our door and the ground, and during cold days, you can feel the wind whip underneath the door.  You can also see the shadows of people walking by, and the paws of dogs following behind.  Considering that, the dogs do amazingly well.  There is, however, one dog owner who lets their dog come up to our door and pause, and that dog smells Bailey and Buckeye.  They are practically nose-to-nose.  When this happens, yes, the dogs bark.  But they quickly stop once the dog goes away.

So I'm presuming that Mister "Smell Under the Door's Mother" is the one who typed this nasty note.  I know it's a woman because let's face it; men don't waste their time with trivial crap like this.

So to you fellow neighbor: Chill out!  You live on a dog floor, in a dog community, with at least one dog of your own.  If my dogs didn't occasionally bark when you walked down the hall, then I'd presume they were blind, deaf, and at least 15 years old.

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