It's official!

It's official!
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Friday, January 22, 2010

In the words of the great Bob Marley, "Don't worry about a thing! Every little thing gonna be all right!

Ladies and gentleman, it may be a new world record!  Drum roll please....I quit my job this morning after just 9 days.  You're probably asking, why????   What happened????  Last night after talking with Mike, I decided happiness is the most important thing in our lives.  If you'd rather pull out each of your toenails one by one than go to your job each day, it's not the right job.

I was hired to do research for a company that puts together conferences, but that really turned out to be a glorified sales job.

This is them: "You'll do research over the phone with companies about what's going on in the industry."
Reality: You'll make sales-type cold calls to people who either don't know you, or do know you and hate your guts.  And then they'll curse you.  And then they'll hang up on you. 

This is them:  "You'll put together conferences covering important topics."
Reality: This is an over-saturated market, with conferences going on every week.  Good luck convincing someone they just have to go!

This is them:  "You'll work together in the same room as all the other producers so you can collaborate."
Reality:  You sit at a desk ALL DAMN DAY with people who's eyes look like they are glazed over because their souls have been sucked out.

This is them:  "You'll love seeing the product come together."
Reality: You'll only love lunchtime and quitting time.

So you get my point.  Some people in this world are incredibly good at making sales, or they don't mind sitting at a desk all day.  Thank god those people exist, but I'm not one.  I've decided to follow my omens, continuing writing this blog and my book about broadcasting, and go back to school in March for my Master's in Education.

I hope all of you reading this are doing the career you love.  If not, get out fast and never look back.

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  1. Good girl! You must follow your heart - you are very, very wise!!!! I'm very proud of you. . .it's not easy to walk off and start over again - go girl!!!!