It's official!

It's official!
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Cuts Keep Coming

In Indianapolis, there are people who are very happy right now because the Colts are again going to the Super Bowl.  Go Colts!  But at the same time, there are also a lot of sad people who just lost their jobs.

At my old station, I was a part of the first round of cuts exactly one year ago, which were terrible.  I remember the general manager kept calling up people to his office, and they would come down crying.  I didn't feel bad for myself because I'm young (ish!), and I don't have a family.  But I really felt bad for people who had worked there for 25-30 years and had kids in college.

To many people's surprise, last Friday 4 more people were let go, and then another 3 were let go yesterday.  It's really sad that TV news is coming to this.  When people ask if I miss working in news, I say I miss working in the kind of newsroom that existed 8 years ago when I got out of college.  I don't miss what's going on now.

What I've realized is these cuts aren't any easier on the ones who stay.  They feel a sense of sadness for their co-workers no longer there, and at the same time, they worry about their own jobs.

To all of my TV friends--stay strong and know that things will get better.  Perhaps if you dream big, someday you can be out of work which gives you time to blog, watch reality TV and walk your Chihuahuas! 

(If you need a good laugh right now, just watch The Bachelor.  There's nothing more amusing than watching caddy girls fighting over one man.)

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