It's official!

It's official!
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

What's that awful sound?

Do you know what misery sounds like?  It's the muffled cries of a Chihuahua locked out on the balcony in 4 degree weather.

Ugh, I know, we're terrible parents!   Don't worry, my mom has already threatened to call child protective services.

I've shown you before, we have a little piece of fake grass on the balcony that the doggies use to go to the bathroom.  It's a high-rise living staple.  The night before last, Mike opened up the door for them to go out.  Bailey usually doesn't go unless one of us carries her out there (yes, she's spoiled), so we assumed Buckeye was the only one who went out.  He came back in and Mike shut the door.

I continued getting ready for bed when I heard soft cries.  I thought maybe it was a baby, but no one on our floor has kids, so that seemed strange.  I asked Mike, "Do you hear that?"  His response, "Hear what?"  (Thank god for a mother's intuition!)  I told him I thought Bailey was locked in a closet somewhere.  (That's happened before.  She's only 4 pounds and very hard to see on black clothing).

Finally Mike is like "Oh my god, she's outside!"  Because she's black, we couldn't see her body through the glass door, just her big brown eyes wet with teardrops.  (again, she's spoiled)  We let her in and her ears and paws were freezing!  I'm not exactly sure how long she'd been out there.  She was fine, but I insisted on holding her like a baby for the next half hour.

The moral of the story?  We clearly aren't ready to have kids yet.

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