It's official!

It's official!
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Want to see the worst of humanity? Go to Nordstrom's during a sale

What is it about a sales rack that makes women so desperate?  So pushy?  So rude!?  At Nordstrom's this weekend, it was like every woman hadn't eaten in days, but the racks were filled with jelly doughnuts and Doritos.

At one particular rack, I was looking at a shirt when a woman pushed her way through the crowd so she was standing right next to me, shoulder to shoulder.  Then, so she could look at something, she pushed the whole rack of clothes down to my end, and I nearly lost a finger to the metal hangers whipping past me at Mach 10 speed.

I looked over to my friend Gene to help, but she was battling the same fight at the jeans sales rack.  Women were trying to reach over and under her so they could have first dibs on the savings.

I decided it wasn't worth the increased heart rate, so I turned to Gene and said loudly, "These women are driving me nuts!  Let's get out of here before I kill someone."

So to anyone who ever shops the day after Thanksgiving, how do you do it??

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