It's official!

It's official!
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Congrats to those finding work

When you're unemployed or under-employed, (meaning you're only working part-time) you find happiness in other people's success.  Two of my Chicago friends who both have been out of work for nearly a year, just found jobs and start in the next two weeks.  When Mike told me, I squealed with excitement.  First of all, these are both great guys who deserve it.  Secondly, this is a good sign for all of us.  I truly feel like the economy is turning around and 2010 is, and will continue to be, a great year. 

I think all of us who have dealt with unemployment will be better employees for it.  Our egos disappeared long ago.  Recently when I went to Florida, I talked to a younger girlfriend who still works in TV.  She is frustrated with it, and has the exact same complaints I did when I was 25.  She said, "Some days I'll work 12 hours, and I don't even get a thank-you."  I thought a lot about this later, and I remember someone once telling me your bosses shouldn't have to thank you for doing your job.  Your paycheck is your thank you.  I realize now as a 30-something woman who's faced unemployment, I no longer have a sense of entitlement.

I recently took a part-time job because I was going nuts sitting around our 660-square foot apartment.  (BTW-I'm creating a drinking game with my blog.  Every time I say 660-square feet, you take a drink!)  As part of my job, I sometimes have to clean the bathrooms and mop the floor.  Pre-recession Jeannie would have said, "Oh no, I have a Bachelor's degree--I don't do floors."
Current recession Jeannie thinks, "I'll gladly do whatever they ask, because I'm happy to have a job."

So for all of you recently employed, congratulations.  You should be so proud. (Now take a shot!)  To all of you still looking, keep your head high and know what a better person you have become.

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  1. 660 sq. feet.....660 sq. feet....this is fun........660 sq. feet....