It's official!

It's official!
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

I a tweeterer!

I've finally given in and joined Twitter.  I'm now officially a "tweeter" or a "twitterer", or whatever it's called.  So many people are talking about this social media phenom, in fact, knowing how to use it is now a pre-req for a lot of PR & Marketing jobs, so I figured I'd better sign up.

For those of you somewhat unfamiliar with this, (i.e. my grandmother Mama Mays who reads my blog daily...Hi Mama Mays!) it's a place where you type out a short analysis what your doing.  For example, right now I could say, "Jeannie Crofts is blogging and drinking coffee with a ton of amaretto creamer."  Exciting, right?

You can also follow celebrities who tweet.  You know it's really them because it will say "verified" by their name.  This helps me follow my girl crush, Kim Kardashian.  I get to find out what she's doing, and what clothes and make-up she wears/uses.  Not a great use of my time, but I've never been more stylish!

Here are two problems I've found so far:  It shows how many followers you have, and somehow, this takes me back to painful middle school memories of never feeling popular enough.  For example, I had 3 followers at first (2 of whom I've never met), and one "Un-followed me", so now I only have 2.  Ouch.
I'm. So. Not. Cool.

A second problem...  Who cares?  Who cares that I ate Apple Jacks for breakfast?  If I were super famous, it might be interesting, but I'm not, so it's not.

I've decided I'm going to start making things up.  Instead of "Jeannie is feeling bloated," I'll change it to, "Jeannie is enjoying Lake Michigan on her new yacht," or "Jeannie didn't know how heavy $5,000 would feel in her Gucci wallet."

Much better.

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