It's official!

It's official!
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Going to the DMV? Bring your patience and a snack.

I woke up in a bad mood knowing I had to go to the DMV to get my Illinois Driver's License.  I realized this weekend, after driving with expired license plates, I no longer could avoid this awful experience.

After being a licensed driver in Wyoming (twice), Colorado, Florida, Indiana and now Illinois, I can tell you first hand getting the official ID is a pain in the butt.  First you are forced to find your Social Security Card and Birth Certificate which are never where you'd think they are.  How can you lose things in a 660-square foot apartment?? (Drink!)
Then you have to deal with crowds of people who don't speak English, and you wonder how they will be able to drive when they can't even navigate the DMV line.  Then you usually have to work with government employees who make it pretty apparent they'd rather be constipated at Disney World than help you.

However, I have to say out of all the states I've lived in, Illinois is by far the best.  The line was the shortest, and Mary, the woman behind the counter, was helpful and told me I passed even though I missed 4 questions on the written exam.  Yeah!

I have to laugh at these tests, because when do you ever see a stop sign without the word "Stop" on it?  You have to identify the shape of it.  It takes me back to 12th grade Geography class.  Mrs. Edwards told us to learn all the provinces in Canada for a quiz.  I studied and studied and memorized each one.  But then on test day, Mrs. Edwards decide to punk us by moving all the provinces around, so you were screwed if you just learned where they are on a map, and not their shape.  I failed the test.

To Mrs. Edwards--barring any major natural disaster, I'm pretty sure the provinces will never be in another order.
To DMV test writers-I'm pretty sure a stop sign will always say "Stop."

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