It's official!

It's official!
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Friday, April 2, 2010


Okay men, what's the deal?  You screw up and think going to rehab will make everything okay?  Tiger was the first to go; now Sandra Bullock's husband, Jesse James is apparently doing the same.  Sure, it's crazy  they would cheat on their super hot wives, but do they need counseling to tell them that's stupid?

What makes me sad about this whole situation is the fact that Sandra Bullock just had a huge highlight in her career by winning an Oscar, and she thanked her "incredible husband" every chance she got.  When the cameras panned to Jesse James during her acceptance speech, he had tears in his eyes.  At the time, we all thought, how sweet, he's so proud of his wife!  Now, it seems pretty apparent he was crying because he knew he might get caught after having a fling with a tattoo-wearing cocktail waitress.

Here's the deal Tiger and Jesse: Yes, you're famous, so women are naturally going to hit on you.  Yes, they'll want to have an affair with you.  You think it's love?  No, they want to sell you out, because telling their story to the Enquirer is much easier than working 40 hours a week.

In terms of having a sex addiction, c'mon.  You can avoid's how.  I love to shop and I live less than a mile from some of the best shopping in the country.  I could go nuts and spend $10,000 (apparently that's the credit limit for unemployed peeps.  Think of the limits I'll have when I actually have a job!).  So what do I do?  I walk down State Street instead to avoid temptation.  So perhaps you need to stay out of Las Vegas casinos and strip joints.  Just sayin'. 


  1. I know it's been said before but men think with their little heads. I've been married for ten years and the consequences of such behavior just scare the crap out of me. But that having been said I would never say I could never cheat. You never know what life will bring you. But my question is why do these "other" women inject themselves into the lives of these men. They know they are married. It's a two way street!

  2. Every time I read something about Sandra Bullock and her marriage trouble or see her picture on the magazine rack at the store, I feel bad. For single woman everywhere - she was hope that he will come along, the guy you have been waiting for. She waited to get married until she was 40. Now I can't help but think, if an amazing woman like Sandra Bullock can have this happen to her...what does that mean for the rest of us? Life is uncertain. Marry a gay man. At least you know from the get go he'll be sleeping with other men. Plus mine bakes, takes long walks, and always smells good :)