It's official!

It's official!
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Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm working again! (But I'm still broke)

I have a confession to make.  About a month ago, I took a part-time retail job.  I was nervous about saying anything, because do you remember the January debacle?  I practically shouted from every roof top and sky skraper that I'd gotten a corporate job, and then?  I lasted 9 days.  I quickly realized sitting at a desk all day long, trying to sell something people don't need or want is a

So here's what I've discovered.  A job you didn't plan on taking, or a career that isn't what you studied for in college, can sometimes bring you way more happiness than a job you think will.

Here's what I've also discovered-- I get 50% off and that's a problem. Yes it's a problem, because I'm spending all my money.  As you can see from my closets (plural), I need more clothes like I need another Chihuahua.  At first I told people, "It would be fiscally irresponsible for me not to buy clothes a half price."  Now, I realize I'm spending about 5 times more than I'm making.


Can I register Mike and me for Ann Taylor Loft gift cards?

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  1. I went a drove a forklift for a summer after my first job out of school ended abruptly. I thought I was over it all, but at the time it was the best thing I could have done: get some space. It had employee discount that tempted financial disaster... I worked in Guitar Center's warehouse!!