It's official!

It's official!
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The money keeps going out, but not coming in

The expenses keep coming.  Apparently Buckeye isn't supposed to lick his stitches, so today I had to go back to the vet to get him a cone to put around his neck. (By the way-did you know if you pay a cabbie a little extra he'll wait for you outside of the vet's office in the pouring rain?  Score!)

He is so cute! (Buckeye, not the cabbie.)  He hasn't left the couch since I put the cone on, because he seems frozen in fear.
Here is something I overheard at the vet's office that made me laugh.  A woman waiting for her dog asked the front desk worker about doggie insurance.  (Did you know they have such a thing?)  She wanted to know if her dog would be eligible because he has chronic diarrhea and that could be a pre-existing condition.  Here are my two thoughts:

* First, if your pet has chronic anything, take them back to the pound and get a new one.  Who wants to clean up diarrhea/vomit/other liquids for 15 years?

* Secondly, I think under Obama's new plan, the dog is covered because pre-existing conditions are out, and coverage for everyone, including Shitzus is in.  Score!


  1. ....WOW...complete-ly backwards....I thought seeing other dogs on TV might be a clue..But...

  2. Nope, it didn't help me! I'm a hot mess.